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Wine is culture:
wine tasting itinerary

A brief history. Chianti means medieval villages, castles, and rolling hills covered with vineyards: WINE is produced here since Etruscan times. Pliny the Elder wrote in the 1st century A.D. that “no other land more than Etruria benefits from the vine”. The formula of the Chianti wine was fixed in the 19th century by Barone Bettino Ricasoli, owner of the Brolio castle: Barone Ricasoli decided which kind of grape had to be used to produce Chianti wine, Sangiovese, Canaiolo, Trebbiano and Malvasia, these last two white grapes. Nowadays the blend has changed, but the foremost grape remains the Sangiovese. Its name goes back to Latin mithology, as in the ancient Rome it was called “Sanguis Jovis”, blood of Jove: its fruit is still the best expression of the rocky soil of the Chianti region.

Different styles in Chianti: an ancient and a very modern wine cellar close to Poggio a Vento

Among the many wine cellars our guest in Poggio a Vento Tuscan Villa can choose, two are in our opinion extremely interesting. At the crossroad to Badia a Passignano, continue straight on the dirt road following the sign Greve in Chianti.

When you find the asphalt road, turn right to Panzano. The second dirt road to the right will take you to Cecione: Renzo Marinai, owner of this ancient farm has been a pioneer introducing biological cultivation, banning all chemical pesticides and fertilizers. His wine is aged in the medieval cellar, with Mozart music playing gently on the background.

Very close to Cecione, you will be surprised to find one of the most modern wine cellars in Chianti: La Massa. The owner is a Ferrari fan, so when he decided to built a brand new cellar for his precious Chianti wine, he found a French architect who transformed his passion into stone. Walk through the amazing architecture of the cellars and allow yourself to smell and taste the equally amazing wine!

Wine tasting close to villa Torricella: monumental villas and their wines

In Chianti you can taste wine everywhere. Staying at Villa Torricella you can walk to the closest winery, the farm of Villa I Collazzi. The majestic villa, dating back to the second half of the 16th century, is at 15 minutes on foot from villa Torricella, and is surrounded by vineyards. Our guests can have a wine tasting experience and dine in the brand new “locanda”, inn, next to the farm house and then walk back home under the stars of the Chianti sky!

If you are on your way to the heart of the Chianti, take your time to stop at Villa Poggio Torselli, close to San Casciano. The villa is an amazing project of the 18th century architect Lorenzo Merlini, dated 1702, and has welcomed pope Pius VII on his way to France for the coronation of Napoleon. Poggio Torselli offers you a large selection of wine and extra virgin olive oil and the owner also allows few visitors to the magnificent interior of the villa. And don’t forget to wander around in the incredible Italian garden with its flower beds, box trees and citrus plants!


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