We would like to share the experience of a real Tuscan home with you: in Villa Torricella and in Poggio a Vento every small detail of the houses and their interior decoration tells you our story.

Our parents were an international couple. Our mother came from a Dutch island of the Caribbean, and had a Venezuelan grandmother; our father was born in Tavarnuzze, a village in the Florentine countryside. After their marriage they settled down in Chianti. They bought an old farmhouse in via Torricella, on a hill overlooking olive groves and vines and started cultivating the land. They both loved Tuscany, its medieval villages, its old country houses, its fields dotted with poppies in the summer. So wandering around in Chianti they fell in love with a house on top of a solitary hill, dating back to the 12th century: Poggio a Vento.

Enjoy Medieval Chianti:
Villa Poggio a Vento

Poggio a Vento, built on top of one of the highest hills of the Chianti, was  the 'casa da signore', home of the lord, of a castle documented in 1179, when it was owned by the monks of the nearby Badia a Passignano.

Holiday Villa near Florence:
Villa Torricella

Villa Torricella, a former farmhouse in the Florentine countryside, is the place where we sisters grew up. The Villa has a very irregular pattern: every time the family grew, the peasants added new rooms.

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