Chianti Villas - Self Catering accommodations in Chianti near Florence

Our villas: the perfect places
to start a bike tour

The rolling hills of the Chianti region are the perfect place for a bike tour: enjoy the smell of the countryside, the song of the birds, the wind through the trees while biking across our beautiful land! 

The best way is having a guided bike tour, led by an experienced biker who will take you to places you will never discover by yourself.

Tuscany Quintessence will come to Villa Torricella or to Poggio a Vento, with their e-bikes and from the villa you will start an incredible adventure through nature and history!

The Chianti e-bike tour organized by Tuscany Quintessence is perfect also for families with kids. There are fantastic bike solutions even for children that will allow them to live this day as protagonists!

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